Here is what adult painters had to say:


"Your class kick-started me to opening up spiritually in an expressive way. I just attended an alumni retreat...There, we were invited to express through collage and pastels. The pastels were new for me, and because of your cclass, I was able to just come to them with an open spirit."

“Thank you for helping to making my first "Process Paining Experience" wonderful and full of discovery. I had many images of you helping to birth our souls, like a midwife…You asked rich full questions that gave me doorways to walk through I would not have found on my own. Thank you for sharing your intuitive gifts…I can't wait to attend the next workshop and will be bringing some friends. ” 

"Last night I survived teaching the "Mt. Everest" of my training career... The previous night I spent Process Painting with Aziza and her voice continued to whisper each time a new challenge arouse, like an angel sitting on my shoulder. I heard Aziza encourage me - "just step into what is happening no matter what, trust it, engage it, keep moving". And so I did, and it was wonderful!  

“I ‘m learning in Aziza’s class to expect that my body/spirit has something to say, that I can count on that. When I allow this to be expressed without judgment I experience it as similar to the movement of a kayak along a river’s edge; easy, interesting and refreshing.”  

"Aziza has a particular ability to lead the student in a positive direction toward self-awareness and personal creativity.  In a unique way she is able to guide the student to develop appreciation for self-expression through painting.  Participating in her process painting classes is an experience in learning to allow oneself the freedom to discover your individual creativity and to delve into an intense creative process that is unlike a traditional painting class." 

“I just want to thank you so much for helping me stay during the workshop and helping me stay in the painting sessions when I just felt like not wanting to... the experience there has reached a very deep part of me and I am still reflecting on the feelings that the process of the painting gave voice to and helped me become more aware of what was buried deep inside of me.” 


Here is what 5th Grade students had to say:

"Creativity matters to me because it helps me be me. I think nobody’s creative energy is the same."

"What I really like is I got out all of my feelings with the color green and white.  Now I feel empty."

"Today I went farther than I thought I would and at first I didn’t like it but then I just kept going and going and now I absolutely LOVE it."

"I felt free like I can do no wrong. It was great."

"I felt good painting with my heart and not with my head."

"Trying new things is one of the best things about being creative. I love how paint feels on my paper.  It makes me feel smooth and free."

"I felt really free today.  I liked not having to make my painting perfect, and not even trying to. I liked just painting and creating colors, even if I didn’t think they went together. I loved not even thinking about what I was going to draw but painting and filling my entire paper.  I didn’t even know what I was doing but I kept painting anyway. Doing creative art continues to make me feel good."

"I felt expressive and courageous. I liked it because I could paint anything I wanted. I just let my mind go and painted."