Our addictions arrive in many guises: addiction to drugs and alcohol, over eating, over shopping, over gaming, etc. Through creativity, recovery can be supported in a unique way, allowing participants to tell their stories using the language of images, colors and shapes rather than the intellect alone. When we use a different language, we tell a different story. And when we tell a different story, we gain new insight and understanding and are given an opportunity to achieve clarity and genuine change.

A myriad of art modalities including collage, writing, painting, mask making, are offered. Taking care to create a safe holding environment for exploration, each workshop will provide adequate time for expressing and reflecting. In this way, participants authentic voice will be encouraged, thereby adding to each participant's recovery.

Facilitator: Aziza Balle, holds a Masters in Education from Harvard. She has been teaching and facilitating creative expression by way of  process painting for over 10 years and is a facilitator with The Painting Experience ( She embraces an environment of no critiquing, judgment, analysis or comparison with others. Since her own recovery in 2012, Aziza has been an active participant in working with the twelve-steps. Prior to facilitating creative expression, Aziza was a school counselor, working in elementary, middle and high schools.

Contact Aziza for further information and costs:

  • Workshops or varying lengths

  • Individual Sessions

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  • Curriculum and Facilitator Skill Development

Saturday, June 15th, 1:30 - 4:30 pm
FREE to you
Alano Club of Portland: 909 NW 24th Ave, Portland 97210
Recovery Tool Kit Series: Contact: or Call: (503) 222-5756